Meeting Management & Consultation Services

Accounting services
Planning a meeting or an event is difficult enough. Now, you have to take into consideration the accounting side of it. There is more to accounting than checks and balances. Paying bills, paying suppliers, sending invoices, tracking payments, accepting registration and sponsorship money, logging the information...and the list goes on. Let us help you with payables and receivables. CCi will send weekly reports to you, your committee and/or your accountant for review. This service can go hand-in-hand with budgeting so that you can be assured to stay within your financial boundaries.

Budgeting events
When planning a meeting/event, you must first come up with an objective. Once this is agreed upon, you can formulate a budget based on those needs. CCi can work with you to determine the objective, analyze the fixed and variable costs, then suggest a registration fee that will ensure at least a break-even budget, if not a pre-determined profit as your annual budget states.

Contract negotiations
CCi can review your contracts for hotels, conference centers, convention centers, airlines and any off-site destinations. With our experience, we can help negotiate better pricing and concessions, as well as help explain and adjust clauses that might be of concern to you.

Customized promotion
CCi can customize registration and housing, as well as conference brochures, that fit the needs of your organization. Prior to your first conference mailing, CCi will work with you on the design of your brochures. Suggested possible edits or additions to improve clarity may be offered. This saves time and effort to prevent possible costly mistakes.
Registration can also be set up electronically on the organization's website for easy access. Your customized website will collect the necessary registrant information required for accurate reporting. Other functions and features can be integrated based on your needs.

Developing a Request for Proposal (RFP)
Prior to searching out a hotel and/or venue, it is imperative to know your group history in order to be sure that the proper sleeping and meeting rooms are available. You also want to offer full disclosure to the hotel/venue, so that you do not have to renegotiate your contract just prior to the event. CCi can help put together a Request for Proposal (RFP) to submit to these hotel(s) and/or venue(s) by collecting important meeting history that will ensure an accurate accounting of the organization's needs, prior to receiving proposals or signing contracts.

Food & beverage planning/selection
CCi will make sure that your organization receives the best quality service and be sure there is the correct quantity of food, all within the scope of the budget by reviewing menus, making recommendations, negotiating and assisting in contracts, carefully pre-ordering based on standard meeting industry formulas, using onsite monitoring and inventory practices, submitting accurate guarantees based on past history, monitoring expenses and attrition fees and reviewing the final bill.

Hotel room block management
Sometimes it is easier to have someone else manage your housing needs in lieu of your in-house staff having to manage the hotel room inventory. Taking a direct role in the process allows you to maximize your room block based on reservation changes, cancellations and additions without worrying about room attrition. Each attendee will be sent confirmations and updated conference/meeting information will be sent periodically.

Online hotel/housing registration
CCi will assist with secure, customized, on-line housing to be set up on the organization's website, monitored by CCi and changed at the request of the client. Samples can be set up for the organization to view ahead of time before making the site "live". CCi will work with the hotel to ensure accurate room reservations for your attendees, based on the housing registration forms submitted.

Online meeting/convention registration
CCi will assist with secure, customized, on-line registration to be set up on the organization's website, monitored by CCi and changed at the request of the client. Samples can be set up for the organization to view ahead of time before making the site "live".

Onsite management
The goal is to make the on-site experience smooth and stress-free for the organization's Board Members, members, guests and staff. Our staff can travel onsite with your event. All prior arrangements will be confirmed, anticipating any potential problems, checking each event in advance, and staying in constant communication with facility and service staffs. Additionally, our onsite staff can help will any and all of the following duties:

  • Conduct or assist with the pre-convention meeting
  • Continue management of your database (on-site registration)
  • Check the arrival and delivery of shipments
  • Assist in the office set-up
  • Generate badges
  • Prepare registration packets
  • Offer computer support and coordination of temporary staff
  • Conduct personnel briefings with suppliers (DMC, general service contractor, audio/visual company, florist, photographer, security, etc.)
  • Provide updates on guarantees and attendee counts to hotel and suppliers
  • Monitor staffing levels of the hotel's front desk for maximum service
  • Verify accurate meeting room sets
  • Check placement and working condition of audio visual equipment Meet with speakers to ensure their needs are fulfilled
  • Supervise the correct placement of buffets and bars for smooth traffic flow during events
  • Control costs through monitoring and inventorying food and beverage events
  • Review banquet checks and supplier invoices for accuracy
  • Ensure that the tour company fulfills requirements contracted
  • Negotiate better pricing if service levels have not met expectations

Post convention reports (history tracking)
It is essential to record what was successful and what can be improved about your meeting. One of the most important benefits is that it illustrates the value of your meeting. When presented with your meeting's total value, you have a better idea as to when to book your meeting, at what room rates, and what concessions are appropriate. The Post Conference Report includes a breakdown of your guest room pick up, pattern and revenues generated; the total meeting and catering expenses on-site and off; and suggestions and recommendations for the pre-planning and on-site stages of future meetings.

Site development and research
Based on the group's preferences, CCi will assist in researching various location/hotel options for you to hold your event(s). In order to meet the needs of your organization and allow for better help negotiation tools, we recommend that this be done well in advance of the event(s).

Speaker management and research
Communication with the speakers will be made in advance of the event. CCi can work with each speaker personally to ensure accurate audiovisual is set, handouts are prepared and hotel accommodations are set. If you are looking for a particular type of speaker, CCi has relationships with several professional speaker bureaus and can research and recommend speakers for your event based on your objectives.

Spouse/guest programs
Depending on your venue and free time, we can make suggestions, plan and organize your offsite tours or special activities.

Supplier management
You can save your time in order to work on more important aspects of the meeting by allowing us to help select and contract the best suppliers in the industry to help with your event. We are able to put together the RFP, offer suggestions, and help with the contract process when choosing your suppliers in both the pre-planning and on-site stages. Listed are some examples of suppliers that the planner can be of assistance with: audiovisual services, convention & visitors bureaus, destination management companies, entertainment, ground transportation, general service contractors, off-property events, office equipment rentals, photographers, registration personnel, security and sponsor needs and requests.

Trade show management
Sometimes meetings are to labor intensive, you find you need help with your trade show. We can help you develop, promote, implement and manage your trade show. CCi handles pre- and post- show details, drayage, exhibitor interaction, logistical coordination and more...


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