Association Management & Consultation Services

CCi provides complete management services and specialized administrative expertise to trade associations and professional societies. In many cases, organizations already have services in place, but simply may be looking for a resource to consult with about specific challenges and find out what the industry standards are. Either way, we encourage you to call.

A sampling of management and consulting services include:

  • Accounting services
  • Advertising
  • Annual budget development, reporting
  • Brochure development
  • Board of Directors structure, maintenance
  • By Laws development, restructuring
  • Committee management
  • Communications
  • Market research
  • Membership databases (hard copy, online)
  • Newsletters (e-news and publications)
  • Power Point presentation templates, development
  • Solicitation (members, advertising, sponsorship)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Survey development, data collection
  • Website maintenance

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